Science Week – The link between High Schools and Primary Schools

On Monday 9th February until Friday 13th February, Paulet High School visited River View Primary school to help improve their science, English and design technology skills.

During these days different activities took place including: building dens, making homes for nocturnal animals, writing newspaper reports, making skeletons out of straws and much more.

We thought that this link between the Paulet students and the River View students was important, because it gave them a valuable experience of life at high school. Many of the River View children enjoyed working with older students and we really enjoyed working with them. It was very educational but fun at the same time! We personally think that it is great to have fun whilst learning; it helps the children to really think about working together and makes school a lot more enjoyable.

A big part of this experience was how to ‘work together’ and this week was all about team work. Team work is a valuable skill to have, and we hope we have helped them to understand this.

A lot of the year five and year six students told their teachers that they would now be a lot more confident after meeting some of the Paulet students and teachers. The children bonded well with the older children. This also makes them feel better and more confident about their transition to Paulet High School.

Reporters: Maddie & Ellie