Passion For Music

All over the world people have passions; passion for sport, passion for fashion, passion for animals, but one passion sticks out the most, music.

Millions of people across the world have an extremely strong passion for music, whether they are in a band, or they just simply listen to music by themselves, music plays an important part in all of their lives.

For many people music is an escape, they find comfort in the lyrics of their songs and feel at ease when watching a band they love play live.

Many students perform in musical concerts to show their love of music and how talented they are at playing different types of musical instruments such as: guitar, piano and drums.

All around the world there are many music festivals that take place in many countries that focus on many different genres: indie, pop, rock, country etc.

I have interviewed Mrs Slaney about her interest in music and the musical talent she has. Mrs Slaney has even been involved in several bands and has performed at many concerts. Mrs Slaney is a very talented person with a gift for music which you will see from my video interview.