Breaking The Chain


For many years, images of perfection have ruled our lives. From wanting to be ‘one of the crowd’ to trying to avoid embarrassment, we all strive to avoid displaying our individuality. As a species, we are constantly changing our appearances like chameleons. Every day, we look into the mirror, and are never fully satisfied with what we see. And so we continue to strive for perfection, evolving and learning from our mistakes. But what if perfection does not exist? What if we are always aiming for an unreachable, ever moving boundary?

Gradually, we are becoming too alike; we leave school and exchange one uniform for another in order to remain ‘on trend.’ We are not just losing our original appearances and personalities, we are losing our identities. Every day, little by little, we are forgetting who we truly are. Trends are not guidelines, they are becoming rules, orders that must be followed in order to remain ’one of the crowd.’ From our clothes to our individual likes and dislikes, we are altering our personalities in order to ensure that we do not become the one jigsaw puzzle piece of society that does not fit.

Every day, we observe our appearance in the mirror. However, we are never fully satisfied with what we see, as we always notice a certain flaw that makes us self-conscious. Even those who believe that they have achieved perfection possess nagging doubts as they assess themselves on a daily basis. As teenagers, we seem to believe that others expect us to be ’perfect.’ We automatically assume that everyone is analyzing our clothes, make up and the way we style our hair. Waking up in the morning and wondering how to meet the standards of others is not at all pleasant.

And so, we spend an incredible amount of time wondering about the opinions of others. Instead of worrying about what others may say or think, we should embrace our own individuality and enjoy life without fearing not fitting in with ‘the crowd.’ Basing our lives around what others may think is not okay, as if we all aim to blend in with others, we shall our lose our identities. Instead of being concerned about the judgment of others, we should allow our true personalities to shine through, as we are all perfect in our own unique way. Perfection is not a goal post, nor is it a status that can be achieved by living by what others may think or say. In actual fact, we are all perfect, as perfection is an individual concept. If we all believe that we are not good enough, we shall never truly be able to accept that the only boundary between ourselves and our ideal vision is belief. And if we are all confident enough to display our identities, we are no longer held back by the restrictions of our invisible master.


All teenagers experience an element of insecurity, and most remain reluctant to allow their true personalities to shine through. We are constantly trying to impress others, and by aiming to please we also pray that we will be noticed for our ‘uniqueness.’ Following examples set by others does not allow us to earn the title of being unique. As individuals, we should be able to set our own examples.

The invention of social media has encouraged us to search for idols and visions of supposed perfection. Once in a while, we should ensure that we put down our mobile phones and reflect upon what is really important. Remember that your real friends are the people whom you can always depend upon, and not an irrelevant number displayed upon a screen. It is our desperation to be ‘liked’ that drives us to alter our appearance in order to meet the standards of others. In the long-term, does it really matter how many times our posts have been ’liked,’ or how many people follow our lives on social media?

If we all choose to alter our appearance in order to become a part of ’the crowd,’ we will all become identical to each other; a species that not only breathe the same air, but share the same thoughts, fears and ideas. We are all being controlled, yet we choose not to break free. Individuality is what makes us a species. If we all base our identities around others, we become one person, and if we are all one person, we are not a species. We no longer think for ourselves.

Therefore, we should speak up and act now because together, we can break the chain.