26,000,000 Words Since Year Seven

When Duncan began learning at Paulet High School, he knew he possessed a passion for reading, even though he was only 11 years old. After discovering a well-stocked library within the school, his enthusiasm for reading increased even further. He began to spend most of his school mornings there, engrossed in one book or another. By the end of Duncan’s first week, he had read a total of one million words. His teachers noticed his increasing enthusiasm for reading, and as a result of his progress, his form won the accelerated reading competition. This is a quiz system which runs from year seven to eight, designed to encourage young readers by rewarding their progress. Duncan read more words than everyone else in his year group combined! The rest of his form were happy to share his prize.

After three weeks, Duncan had read two and a half million words, which equates to around forty long books, and the effects soon became visible in his vocabulary. He began to use words that were highly advanced for his age, and his grades steadily increased – which certainly pleased his teachers. Duncan’s attitude to reading is optimistic for his future, as shown in our interview with him:

“Reading is my life; it is certainly tiring but in later life I hope to reap in the benefits.”

Duncan’s future aspirations include reading a total of 50 million words by the end of year eight, that’s 24 million words in four months! He is definitely an outstanding 12 year old, and we wish him all the best with his goals. We only hope that he does not run out of books to read!

Hannah & Duncan