Inspirational Women in Science

For our report, we are combining two different occasions- Science week and International women’s day. Women scientists are appreciated in today’s society but they haven’t always been. Men have always played a bigger role than women but even today, women need more recognition for the work they do.

The first male scientist was called William Whewell who is well known, however, the first female scientist remains unknown. Despite this, Marie Curie is one of the most well-known scientists, and is normally referenced in a conversation when it comes to famous scientists. Marie Curie discovered two new elements: polonium and radium. Although Marie Curie discovered some really interesting and important facts, in our opinion she doesn’t get the acknowledgement she deserves. There were also many other female scientists dedicated to their work. Some women have made the biggest scientific discoveries in history: Rosalind Franklin researched the structure and formation of DNA leading to further discoveries in her work, and Lise Meitner worked on nuclear physics.

In our video, you will see us interview our female science teachers. They are very dedicated to their work and make Science fun- not that it isn’t already! You will also see two exciting and interesting experiments, also conducted by our female science teachers.

Olivia, Anya, Rachel and Yaz