Flying High at Paulet High School!

This January, a new house system was launched at Paulet High School. It has created a lot of excitement and a buzz around the school.

There are many reasons for its implementation. Dividing the school into four houses has given the students and staff a sense of identity and belonging. The students came up with and voted for the house names, which are: Vulcan, Meteor, Spitfire and Lancaster. These are all names of fighter planes and it is hoped they will help the house system take off!

The new house system will enable there to be more competition and fun in the school. So far, there has been a staff cricket competition, a student football tournament and door decorating for World Book Day.

Next week there are plans for a House Bake Off! There have also been House Assemblies – where students attend with the rest of their house, from Year 7 to Year 13. This cohesion between year groups is a great benefit of the house system.

The idea for a house system came from history teacher Mr Kelly and ICT teacher Mr Peach. They both wanted to create something which brought together students and staff and it looks like it’s doing just that!

Ellie and Madison