Scouting, what does it really mean?

All over the world children aged 5 to 14 in their spare time take part in scouting activities, like adventuring the outdoors, doing charity work and helping out around their local community.

The Scouts help young people to discover more about the world they live in, whether it’s the wider world or their local community. It encourages them to find more out about their own abilities as a person, and how they can make a difference. It also helps the scouts keep fit and healthy!

Each different group can be recognised by a different coloured Necker and on the right arm; several badges are used to locate precisely where the group is found. They work towards badges of achievements and these go on the right hand side of the uniform. Each badge represents a different task or skill that a scout has completed or mastered.

Traditional scouting activities consist of: camping, survival, cooking and a wide range of different sports events. In our video we explain some of the history around the creation of the scouts with further details of the badges you can earn. So sit back, relax and learn about Scouts!

Rupert & Joey