Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers the musical, set in the early 1960’s, focuses upon the lives of twin brothers separated at birth – raised never knowing of the other’s existence. Secretly separated at birth, the play explores the theme of class and society whilst considering whether it is nature or nurture that defines who we are. Mickey; brought up alongside seven other siblings and a single mother, explores the poverty and bleakness of life in Liverpool for the poor and destitute. Edward experiences of life act as a stark contrast to Mickey; raised as an only child with a wealthy family. Life changes forever when the pair meet one fateful day, at the innocent age of seven, and become best friends – even Blood Brothers. The relationship between the pair develops throughout the play, resulting in the catastrophic deaths of the twins – whilst the audience are captivated by this scene at the beginning; they are left to ponder; what was the real cause of their deaths?

Why Blood Brothers?

The school has decided upon this production because it fits nicely into the GCSE syllabus; students will be studying the text for their GCSE English Literature examinations in year 11. Alongside this, the play deals with many common themes whilst maintaining a high balance of action and comedy – that will leave audiences both reaching for the tissues and holding their sides.

Our school production will be held on Wednesday 28th June and Thursday 29th June.

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Blood brothers


Report By Liv, Anya and Rachel.